Monday, May 3, 2010


I haven't updated this since I joined Criteo a year ago as Chief Business Development Officer, primarily to run the publisher-facing side of our business. We have intentionally been keeping a low profile, while we focus on delivering results to our advertisers and publishers.
However, we have recently announced to the world what we were doing, and the fact that we have moved our headquarters to the US:

Where am I based you may ask? Mainly on a plane between New York and Europe... Can anyone explain why wifi works within the US but not when you fly transatlantic?

We are now creating about four billion individually personalized retargeted banners each month on behalf of 400 advertisers, across the US + most European markets. We are very excited that on the one-hand we are delivering a pure performance product to our advertisers enabling them to make many more sales than before, while on the other side delivering a whole new source of revenue to publishers at fixed, attractive CPMs.

As you can tell, I'm a terrible blogger, but if you think Criteo sounds interesting we are hiring in all our markets - current roles are always updated at And yes, the website itself is also about to be updated :-).

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